Didi Upgrades Carpooling Safety as China's Netizens Foresee Service's Relaunch
Zhang Yushuo
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Didi Upgrades Carpooling Safety as China's Netizens Foresee Service's Relaunch

(Yicai Global) April 16 -- Chinese netizens have been speculating that recent safety improvements  Didi Chuxing announced may suggest the ride-hailing giant is seeking to  restart its carpooling service, which was halted last year after the  murder of two passengers.

Didi Chuxing will set time  limitations, force drivers to use popular routes, stop showing profile  photos among other personal information including gender, and improve  its capacity to deal with emergencies, Executive Zhang Rui wrote in an  open letter posted on the Beijing-based firm's official Weibo account  yesterday, without disclosing when the ride-hitching service will come  back online. 

The carpooling button that offered lower rates but also compromised the  vetting of drivers was removed from the platform last August after  drivers killed two female passengers, which caused a public outcry  regarding insufficient safety features. 

The firm is testing the  waters to find out what the public opinion is about carpooling, some  netizens suggested on Weibo. Some clients said they still feel unsafe to  step into Didi Chuxing cars, while others posted that as long as  authorities supervise the service provider, it is secure enough.

Didi Chuxing will  gradually announce more plans to improve its product and security  strategies, the firm told ChinaNews website which was wondering what is  the timeline for opening the service again.

After rectification, Didi Chuxing's ride-hitching service will return to  its original function of utilizing idle resources via sharing vacant  seats in vehicles, Zhang said in the letter. 

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