China Is Still Exploring 6G Tech, Seeks Global Standards, IT Minister Says
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China Is Still Exploring 6G Tech, Seeks Global Standards, IT Minister Says

(Yicai Global) Jan. 20 – With the launch of large-scale commercial use of the fifth-generation mobile network, China has also started research and development on 6G, according to the industry and information technology minister.

China will devote itself to helping the world arrive at global 6G standards, adhere to opening up and cooperation, and will never work alone behind closed doors on its own standards, Miao Wei said at an annual ministry press conference in Beijing today.

The ministry, which oversees industrial policy, began researching 6G technology at the end of 2017, spokesman Wen Ku said at the same conference. China is at the same level as other countries on 6G research, he said, adding that "it is not the time to present any results because we are still exploring."

5G network construction was in its initial phase last year, with telecoms operators hiking investment to speed up improvement in network coverage, Wen said in answer to questions from Yicai Global. They will gradually benefit from that when 5G operations achieve large-scale development, he said.

China Mobile, for example, planned to invest CNY24 billion (USD3.4 billion) in 2019 to build its 5G wireless communications network, Chairman Yang Jie said last August.

"Of course, we saw a relatively large investment and want to reduce or invest more effectively with the operators as much as possible," Wen said. "For example, we will be innovative in making better and more cost-effective base stations so as to slash operators' investment."

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