Younger Chinese Take on Extra Part-Time Jobs to Boost Incomes
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Younger Chinese Take on Extra Part-Time Jobs to Boost Incomes

(Yicai Global) June 22 -- In today's China, people have many more opportunities to push up their incomes compared with former generations. Having an extra part-time job has become a new way of life for younger workers.

Just last week, a junior civil servant was caught working for a ride-hailing service provider while doing his full-time job. He was disciplined and the story triggered widespread debate on social media websites.

According to a report released by, China's largest human resources service provider, about 40 percent of wage earners work two jobs concurrently. The most popular choices are overseas shopping agents and drivers for car-hailing services. Part-time employment helps companies to cut labor costs, but only a very few allow staff to take on part-time jobs. The issue is still a taboo subject in most Chinese firms.

"The most important thing is that it's so easy," said Mr. Mo Qunli, a junior train crewmember for China Railway who drives for Didi Chuxing during four days of leave after every four-day shift. "I can accept fares through mobile app, and payment is wired directly into my account."

Mr. Dong Xing studied journalism at college and started working at a state-owned enterprise after graduation. It is a low-income and easy job, so he works as a part-time photographer for websites and earns around CNY2,000 (USD304) in extra income per month.

"All girls love snacks," said Ms. Su Lu, who works at a securities company in Changsha and has another identity: WeChat shop owner. After work, she sells snacks on 'Shun Shou,' an online-to-offline retail app. "Doing business isn't hard. I only need to post them to my circle."

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