Yingzi Technology Unleashes Two New Smart Pig Farming Technologies
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Yingzi Technology Unleashes Two New Smart Pig Farming Technologies

(Yicai Global) May 20 -- Guangzhou Yingzi Technology released two new systems on May 18 amid the ongoing ravages of China's African swine fever epidemic to avert or lessen future pandemics. 

The company unveiled its three-dimensional fifth-generation wireless network technology-aided Future Pig Farm system at a press conference on May 18. The  system will reduce direct human-pig contact, which will help curb the spread of  swine fever and other contagions as well as form an effective biosafety protection  mechanism throughout the industry, He Jingxiang, the company's chief  executive, told Yicai Global.

The 3D FPF system will improve biosafety by reducing physical interaction between pigs and farmers. It will also analyze Big Data to guide farm renovation to prevent plagues, He said. Use of 5G will help the sector achieve digital management and link production, sales and operation through the Internet of Things, He added.

The company has already inked deals with 300 pig farms of different sizes to deploy the two new technologies, He noted, adding that these piggeries will recoup their outlays on technology and equipment in under two years.

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