VR Clinical Support System Developer Keyin Tech Will Raise Tens of Millions in Round-A Funding
Zhang Xia
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VR Clinical Support System Developer Keyin Tech Will Raise Tens of Millions in Round-A Funding

(Yicai Global) Sept. 29 -- Shanghai Keyin Technology Development Co., Ltd. raised tens of millions of yuan for its Round--A financing from Volcanics Venture, Zhenshun Fund said on Sept. 28 in its public account.

Founded in 2016, Keyin Tech is a virtual reality (VR) clinical support system developer.

It has developed alternative reality (AR) and VR medical products, which find wide use in medical education and training, clinical diagnosis support, physical and psychological treatment, rehabilitation training and other fields. Keyin Tech has now become a leading start-up in the VR medical field.

Keyin Tech owns two core products: a preoperative planning product and an intraoperative navigation product. The preoperative planning product uses VR technology to reconstruct image data and build a human body model, helping doctors in preoperative planning for more accurate and simpler surgical procedures. The intraoperative navigation product combines with the mixed reality (MR) technology of Microsoft Hololens and the deep learning algorithm. If a reconstructed model matches an actual human body, the product can guide a doctor to rapidly locate the body part to be operated upon in the surgical procedure and improve the accuracy of the operation.

Keyin Tech has currently developed in-depth cooperation in research and development and clinical research with over 10 Grade A hospitals in Beijing and Shanghai for the first generation of neurosurgical planning products of Keyin Tech. The products have sold on a large scale and are expected to come into clinical practice in the first half of next year.

Also formed in 2016, Volcanics Venture focuses on investment in internet innovation, extensive smart technologies, medicine and other fields. Funds under its management top USD227 million (CNY1.5 billion).

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