Virulent Bird Flu Outbreak in NE China Causes Cull of 25,472 Fowls
Xu Wei
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Virulent Bird Flu Outbreak in NE China Causes Cull of 25,472 Fowls
(Yicai Global) April 2 -- A highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 strain has broken out in Shenyang, the capital China's northeastern Liaoning province and 25,472 domestic fowls have been culled in consequence. /n/n/n/n/nAll the sick and culled poultry have now been neutralized, according to information on the website of China's Mintry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs today.

H5N1 a severe respiratory dease in birds. "Human cases of H5N1 avian influenza occur occasionally, but it difficult to transmit the infection from person to person," the World Health Organization adves on its website, further warning, "When people do become infected, the mortality rate about 60 percent."

MARA received a report from the China Animal Dease Control Center today, saying that HPAI was diagnosed by the National Bird Flu Reference Laboratory in poultry raed by a farmer in Xinmin. The farmer had 24,500 live birds, and 1,000 dead, MARA said. 

The local authorities put down the birds after the outbreak in accordance with relevant plans and technical requirements for dease prevention and control.

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