Tongji University Offers Prototype Futuristic Neighborhood
Sun Weiwei
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Tongji University Offers Prototype Futuristic Neighborhood

(Yicai Global) Feb. 7 -- What will community life be like in 2035? Lane 1028, Siping Road, Shanghai is an alley 200 meters long by 7 meters wide that offers tantalizing glimpses.

Before its transformation, hardware and building materials stores filled the entire street, which will soon feature future catering, entertainment, new material application and future travel scenes after its transformation.

Tongji University College of Design and Innovation, Shanghai's Yangpu district and Shanghai Creative Youth Talents Association jointly hosted a press conference on Feb. 4 for the N-ICE 2035 Livingline Future Street to showcase the future lifestyle that will spring from the community's roots.

N-ICE2035 refers to 'Neighborhood of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship Toward 2035,' while the abbreviation NICE denotes a better life.

The Shanghai Master Plan (2017-2035) was released to the public last month. It depicts a beautiful blueprint for the city's future development. The prototype street is a set that seeks to project the community's lifestyle in 2035.

Lying next to Tongji University's College of Design and Innovation, Sujiatun Road Protection Street was originally a community commercial thoroughfare. The remodeled Prototype Street will comprise a series of dioramas of 2035 lifestyles. Each will focus on one aspect of future life -- future office, future entertainment, new materials applications and future robots.


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