The 3rd World Internet Conference is Coming, Big Names to Showcase New Products
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The 3rd World Internet Conference is Coming, Big Names to Showcase New Products

Baidu's Unmanned Vehicle

In 2013, Chinese search engine giant Baidu initiated its unmanned vehicle project. Wang Jin, senior vice president and general manager of Baidu's autopilot business department, told Yicai Global Baidu's unmanned vehicles will be on display during the 3rd World Internet Conference, and attendees will be invited to experience on-site road trials.

Intelligent Parking Robot

First proposed in Dubai, the concept of a parking robot was later developed in Germany, but the world's first such project implementation will debut in Wuzhen. This project was developed by Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co. [SHE:002415] a manufacturer of security monitoring products.

With a margin of error of less than 5mm, the Hikvision intelligent parking robot can perform acts of lifting, carrying, rotation and depositing for 2000-kg vehicles, and helps drivers park in two minutes.

Drivers need not enter a parking garage, but only to receive a QR code at its entrance to park, using an APPT. The intelligent parking system then automatically reminds the driver to confirm that the car has been turned off with the handbrake engaged. After the car is empty of passengers, the system activates and generates a QR code for the driver to later redeem the car. The intelligent parking system plans the parking position and works out the optimal path for the robot's course, then guides it as it drives from the interactive area to park.

Alibaba Has Two Major Products

Tang Liang, an expert in the development operations department of Alibaba, said that, the company will show their artificial intelligence (AI) project -- styled 'ET' -- as well as face scanning payment technologies at the conference.

ET is an AI product developed by Alibaba Cloud Computing based on forceful cloud computing and Big Data processing capacity. It is equipped with speech and image and video recognition, as well as emotion analysis functions. In April, ET deployed in the season finale of "I Am a Singer" -- a famous entertainment talent show in China -- and accurately predicted the winner.

Face scanning technology refers to a biological recognition payment method released by the biological recognition technology team with Ant Financial Services Group -- Alibaba's online payment counter. This technology is capable of recognizing over 600 key points on human faces. Upon cross-validation and dynamic recognition, the recognition rate could reach over 99.6 percent -- far more than the capacity of the naked human eye. Furthermore, combined with the latest-generation eye-print recognition technology, the accuracy rate can reach 99.9 percent.

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