Tencent's Stored Data Is 15,000 Times the Size of US Library of Congress
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Tencent's Stored Data Is 15,000 Times the Size of US Library of Congress

(Yicai Global) May 26 -- Tencent Holdings Ltd.'s digital data is 15,000 times bigger than the total amount of information kept at the US Library of Congress, the world's largest library.

Speaking yesterday at the opening ceremony of the Guiyang International Big Data Expo 2016, Tencent Chairman Pony Ma revealed for the first time the volume of digital information stored at the company's data operations center since setup, with the figure coming in at more than 1,000 petabytes.

Mr. Ma said data centers on such a massive scale have previously been at risk. Tencent's [HKG:0700] data center in Tianjin, the largest one of its kind in Asia, was just 1.5 kilometers from the epicenter of explosions at the city's port last year. The facility was affected by the massive shocks.

"It was very dangerous," Mr. Ma said. "The doors to the diesel generators and walls all buckled."

In view of the lessons learned from that experience, Mr. Ma said Tencent is studying the feasibility of building a back-up big data center in China's southwestern province of Guizhou.

Guiyang International Big Data Expo 2016 is held in Guiyang, the capital of the southwestern province of Guizhou, from May 26 to 29.

Shenzhen-based Tencent announced its first quarter earnings on May 18, with the results showing that Weixin and WeChat together had 762 million monthly active users, and QQ had 877 million. WeChat Wallet user accounts already number more than 300 million, with the volume of customer-to-customer transactions showing a significant increase.

Images shared by users on WeChat Moments and QQ Space have reached one billion a day, said Mr. Ma. More than two billion playbacks have been recorded daily on Tencent Video; more than 2.5 billion electronic 'hongbao' red envelopes were sent on Chinese Lunar New Year's eve via Tencent's instant messaging apps; and mobile payments have exceeded 500 million a day.

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