Tencent's Ma Issues Company-Wide Warning After Hack Led to Fraud
Zhang Yushuo
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Tencent's Ma Issues Company-Wide Warning After Hack Led to Fraud

(Yicai Global) March 14 -- Tencent Holdings founder Pony Ma has urged the Chinese tech giant to be on the alert following a fraud perpetrated through hacked accounts on its content platform.

The subsidy scam caused the loss of Tencent's assets, Ma said, after a group recently hacked a verified account on the platform and used it to pocket incentives worth more than CNY75,000 (USD11,175) over 60 days. The account had earned zero profit before the theft, its we-media owner said in an online post.

A number of accounts were hacked, the operator of Tencent's Qi'e Hao platform revealed, promising to crack down on hacking, enhance login security and check historical data to address the issue.

Founded in June 2016, Qi'e Hao resembles Jinri Toutiao, a Beijing-based news aggregator that allows media organizations and individuals to register. It enables one-click distribution of published articles to channels such as Daily Express, Tencent News Client, WeChat News Plugin, Mobile QQ News Plugin, QQ Public Account, Mobile Tencent and QQ Browser.

Tencent will put more efforts into dealing with fraud through account hacking, the Shenzhen-based company said. It will not just rely on online traffic to award verified accounts with subsidies. The platform will methodically check for low-quality content, a lack of posts and other issues, and delete such accounts. They will not be allowed to rejoin Tencent's Talent Project and their monthly incentives will be cancelled.

Account owners pick up all ad revenue on the article's page. They also receive platform subsidies based on the number of views and original content subsidies. Tencent will divert 10 billion of its online traffic, and invest CNY10 billion (USD1.5 billion) and CNY10 billion worth of industrial resources in the platform this year.

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