Speeding Realization of AI Forms Baidu President Lu Qi's Crowning Achievement in First 100 Days
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Speeding Realization of AI Forms Baidu President Lu Qi's Crowning Achievement in First 100 Days

(Yicai Global) May 2 -- How has Lu Qi, the new president of Baidu Inc. [NASDAQ:BIDU], advanced Baidu's artificial intelligence (AI) after his 100-day tenure?

Lu first expounded the overall layout idea of Baidu's artificial intelligence (AI) last month as being based on three parts: Baidu Brain, Baidu Cloud and DuerOS.

Baidu Brain refers to Baidu's core ability and algorithms, including speech recognition, image recognition, video recognition, natural language processing, Big Data, user portrait and other core capabilities.

Baidu Cloud serves as the delivery platform for Baidu Brain, through which intelligent 'brains' in various industries, ranging from a financial brain, to a driverless vehicle brain which can be built to provide users with relevant technologies.

DuerOS lies at the heart of this layout, which in Lu's view functions as an operating system akin to iOS or android, and which will be deployed for "any device, any scenario and any context."

The DuerOS -- rarely mentioned before -- debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year as an AI-based operating system featuring dialog mode. This Baidu product is equipped with voice-trigger, broadcasting, application control, emotional companion and whole-network information searching functions, and applies in such scenarios as mobile phones, smart homes, intelligent wearables and vehicle-mounted situations.

After Lu took office, Baidu's DuerOS team developed into an independent business unit, directly under his leadership. Baidu also announced ITS cooperation with Unigroup Spreadtrum & RDA, ARM Group, Shanghai High-Flying Electronics Technology Co. on DuerOS smart chip in March.

"In the age of AI, progress in man-machine interaction means an overall move. Advancement of AI technology has led to the creation of DuerOS that enables natural language to become an all-dimensional interface for man-machine interaction for the first time," Lu said.

This view may explain Lu's willingness to appear in public to touch upon DuerOS's cooperation initiative. DuerOS has successfully established itself in its maiden voyage to a smart home. After years of effort, Baidu is striving to achieve AI's application in more scenarios, and eventually find a business model by means of scenarios and products.

"Looking forward, Baidu will also stand out as a platform company, not just a search engine company," Lu said. In his view, Baidu will gradually emerge as a platform relying on AI, "This is a change in our strategy and culture."

When it comes to work attitude, Lu always exhorts "Head above the clouds, feet on ground." The same is true of AI development, encompassing both long-term thinking and down-to-earth efforts.

"In the overall AI layout, the most critical element is to incorporate AI into real scenarios and realize the best user experience. A suitable commercial model helps promote rapid upgrading."

Baidu has laid a solid foundation in the field of AI and now the key is whether Lu is able to unleash the accumulated momentum and translate it into a tangible driving force, opined Yu Kai, CEO of Beijing Horizon Robotics Technology Co. and former vice president of Baidu IDL. "This requires meticulous strategic thinking and determination, as well as in-depth and persistent exploration," he said.

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