Sixth CF40-PIIE China-US Economists Symposium to Kick Off This Week
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Sixth CF40-PIIE China-US Economists Symposium to Kick Off This Week

(Yicai Global) May 5 -- In today's world, the most important bilateral economic and trade relations are those between China and the US. Development of ties between the pair influences the entire world, and under the rise of deglobalization and uncertainty amid US President Donald Trump's policies, there is an imbalance in the roots of the two nations' relationship, and a discussion needs to talk place on setting up a credible framework to ensure solid cooperation.

To meet this goal, the China Financial 40 and Peterson Institute for International Economies will jointly host the sixth CF40-PIIE China-US Economists Symposium on May 7. Dozens of economists from both countries will gather in Beijing, where they are expected to offer advice on bilateral ties and the development of globalization.

The guests, among other experts in the field, will discuss Trump's new economic and financial policy, international system recovery, currency cooperation and the conflict in the G20, the prospect and challenges of China-US trade investment, the influence of American economic policy adjustment and other trending topics.

A highlight of the meet will be the debut of the CF40-PIIE Joint Report (2017), within which the two groups will analyze current problems in trade between the two countries and investment and exchange rate policies. The report will also discuss possible Trump policies and their impact on both countries, and put forward suggestions on how both countries can come out on top.

CF40 was founded in April 2008 when the global financial crisis erupted. China had an urgent need to understand the economic and financial situation and other countries' policy changes, especially in developed countries. The international community was also curious about the rapid rise of China and was eager to hear Chinese scholars, officials and experts. Since establishing, CF40 has shouldered the mission of expanding international exchanges and cooperation.

The Chinese group currently has a stable exchange mechanism with several elite think tanks, including PIIE, the Brookings Institution, Nomura and the Euro 50 Group. CF40 and Nomura have jointly organized six China-Japan Economists Exchanges, while there have been two symposiums with the Euro 50, Brookings, and CIGI. It has also conducted academic exchanges with such think tanks as Bruegel, in Europe.

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