Shanghai Customs E-Commerce System Clears Goods in Under 24 Hours
Tang Shihua
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Shanghai Customs E-Commerce System Clears Goods in Under 24 Hours

(Yicai Global) Feb. 7 -- Shanghai customs has now set up a cross-border e-commerce rapid clearance mechanism that clears goods in less than 24 hours from their arrival.

Declarations for many low-risk goods can even enjoy real-time clearance, local media Shanghai Observer reported. Many e-commerce companies are now settling on Shanghai as the port of entry for their cross-border direct purchase businesses as a result.

Trans-frontier e-commerce generally takes two forms. One is direct purchase from overseas of imports, and the other is online shopping from bonded areas. The latter must often prepare stock in advance; hence, it has limits in keeping up with developing trends, while the direct purchase method can make up for this shortcoming, an official from Shanghai customs responsible for cross-border e-commerce business said. As impulse buys by those born after 1995 become the main drivers of cross-border e-commerce platforms, these are gradually shifting to direct-purchase imports. Shanghai customs has therefore introduced a new mechanism to simplify clearance procedures.

In this model, e-commerce companies, logistics firms and payment institutions send their order, bill of lading and proof of payment to the Shanghai cross-border e-commerce service platform. After verification, the system generates a declaration form for the customs clearance management system. Low-risk goods automatically clear after customs collects tax deposits. Though each declaration form corresponds to one shipment, taxes may be collected in batches. E-commerce firms may apply to customs for aggregated tax payment within 31 to 45 days from the clearance date, which is highly convenient.

Only seven to ten days generally elapse before a customer receives goods shipped from Europe, the US and Australia, Guo Ting, a customs and shipping manager at e-commerce platform Xiaohongshu and Xingyin Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., told the Shanghai Observer. Shipments from Japan and South Korea take less than three days, and receiving goods shipped from Japan the next day with direct purchase on our platform is quite common," he said. "Take direct purchase order for shipments from Japan for example; if an order is placed in the morning, the overseas warehouse can package the goods right away and ready them for afternoon air shipment. They arrive in Shanghai the next morning, clear in the afternoon and are delivered in the evening," Guo added. 


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