Shanghai Customs Captures 2.16 Tons of Drugs Last Year; 1.1 Tons of Cocaine Seized in Worst Case
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Shanghai Customs Captures 2.16 Tons of Drugs Last Year; 1.1 Tons of Cocaine Seized in Worst Case

(Yicai Global) June 23 -- Since last June, Shanghai Customs has broken 34 cases of drug trafficking, and seized 2.16 tons of drugs in total, it told media in the run-up to the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking that falls on June 26.

This was tenfold the seizure in the year preceding.

Customs also confiscated 1.1 tons of cocaine in a trafficking case which came to light last November. 

Shanghai Customs uncovered 34 cases involving drug trafficking, with 2.16 tons of drugs netted in total and 19 suspects collared from last June to the end of May, said Li Qing, vice director of Shanghai Customs' anti-smuggling bureau.

Such means as postal and express delivery are the major channels for drug trafficking, Li said. The bureau tracked down 27 cases of transport via mail, which accounted for 80 percent of total drug-involved cases. Only six cases arose of drugs carried in passengers' luggage or in/on human bodies -- predominant means before last year, but which have now fallen by 40 percent.

In these cases, inbound mules mainly bear traditional drugs, while outbound ones mostly carry new-style drugs and drug-production materials.

The range of drug sources has further expanded, Li said. In recent years, drugs captured by Chinese customs mainly came from Asian countries like Thailand within the Golden Triangle, and the Latin American nations of Brazil and Ecuador within the so-called Silver Triangle. However, this year, the drug catchment area has further extended to encompass developed regions in North America, as well, as customs officers cracked 13 cases of inbound marijuana trafficked from the US and Canada, with 6,519 grams of cannabis seized in total.

Shanghai Yangshan Customs further discovered cocaine trafficked concealed in frozen fish in freight containers, with 1.1 tons of the alkaloid captured in total, per a notice issued by the office of Shanghai Customs last November. This case is the most egregious among cocaine-trafficking cases uncovered by Chinese customs in recent years.

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