Rheinmetall Aims to Apply Internal Combustion Techniques to China's NEVs
Zhang Yushuo
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Rheinmetall Aims to Apply Internal Combustion Techniques to China's NEVs

(Yicai Global) April 18 -- German car parts maker Rheinmetall Automotive aims  to bring internal combustion techniques to China's electric vehicle  market.

"For all new driveline systems, automobile manufacturers need the support of  a functioning supplier base and, above all, the longstanding  accumulated supplier expertise in the areas of development and  production technology," said Horst Binnig, chief executive of the  Neckarsulm-based firm, in a statement, underlying that this applies to  those components of electric drivelines that require complex and  expertise-rich production processes.

For the Rheinmetall Automotive CEO, the castings of housings for electric  motors as well as battery pack carriers are widely applied in internal  combustion engines. Electric coolant pumps can also use heat pumps for  thermal management of power electronics, electric motor or battery.

As a key supplier to combustion engine parts, Rheinmetall Automotive has  received orders worth CNY6 billion (USD900 million) in e-mobility.  "Rheinmetall Automotive not only serves traditional internal combustion  engine customers but also provides further support for new energy  mobility in China." Binnig told Yicai Global in an interview at Auto  Shanghai 2019.

The firm posted a 5.7 percent annual rise in sales in China to CNY8 billion  last year with new products offsetting the slack auto market. Its  mechatronics business took a share of 14 percent generating revenue of  CNY1 billion. The sector grows the fastest and will be the driving force  for further expansion.

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