Returning Young Talent From the Cities Drives China's Rural Revitalization Strategy
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Returning Young Talent From the Cities Drives China's Rural Revitalization Strategy

(Yicai Global) Aug. 6 -- In the 40 years of reform since the opening up of China to the West, China's economic and social development has made great strides. Much focus has been placed on those whose standards of living have improved dramatically and who are reaping the benefits of modern China such as its spectacular skyscrapers and advanced high speedrail network. However, beneath the radar, there are 16 million people who earn less than USD1 per day.

Numerous young talent and organizations have joined the fight against poverty. They bring love, expertise, vision and capital to China's countryside. They are the "golden seeds" paving the way for a healthy development of the rural economy. 

In 2018, we travelled to 14 counties in 9 provinces and visited hundreds of families. In this series we showcase six outstanding individuals who thanks to their entrepreneurial commitments have made a real difference to their local communities.

Ma Xiaoxiao chose to return to her hometown of Dongxiang county in China's remote Gansu province to revive the local embroidery traditions.

Zhou Shihong did not let the devastating blow of the sudden death of thousands of her bees prevent her from building up her Pear Orchard Beekeeping Co-operative in a remote county.

Xiong Xianghe and Yuan Xianbin demonstrated their deep love for their hometown by promoting local traditional rice wine and chilli sauce on an e-commerce platform.

Liao Zhiqi gave up his thriving fruit selling business for the once-in-a-lifetime-chance to play a role in the revival of his rural hometown.

Wu Yongbai returned to his home village to create a successful "Kungfu Grey Goose" brand and to ensure that no more children would suffer the same pain that he did growing upapart from his parents.

Zhang Tao gave up a comfortable life in the city to lead a team of 14 people into the steep ravines and high mountains of Western China in the dead of winter.

It is entrepreneurs with a similar motivation and vision to these exemplary figures who are currently driving the revitalization of China's countryside. Their courage, their surprise, their selflessness, their pain, all reflect their indomitable spirit. There is a true heart of China that beats in every village and through this series, we hope to show readers what's happening in the countryside today in China.

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