Plastic Waste Litters Uninhabited Areas Across the Tibetan Plateau
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Plastic Waste Litters Uninhabited Areas Across the Tibetan Plateau

(Yicai Global) April 25 -- Dubbed the 'Third Pole' of the world, the Tibetan Plateau -- known in China as the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau -- is one of the most inaccessible regions in the world, but the local environment has deteriorated as more and more travelers traverse this upland, slinging garbage on the 'Roof of the World.'

Environmentalist and photographer Xue Bin spent several months traveling more than 2,200 kilometers on foot across the plateau, cataloging the waste pollution there.


A glacier near boundary marker No. 40 along the China-Bhutan border. A day's ride by car through uninhabited areas is needed to reach this spot, but Xue Bin still found six bottles after hiking for about an hour.


Litang County, Chuanxi. Sacred prayer flags flutter against a picturesque backdrop of holy mountains in the distance. Xu found 51 plastic bottles, six glass ones and three cans here.



The Zhidi section of State Road 318, Tibet. Large swathes of grassland covered by trash attract a cow foraging for fodder.


Garbage was strewn in large quantities along a road near Yamdrok Lake, Tibet. Five cans and 39 plastic bottles were found in a one square-meter spot.

Qamdo, Tibet, is home to the beautiful Ranwu Lake, but plastic waste littered this mountain meadow.

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