Ofo Wheels Into Kazakhstan Just in Time for the Expo
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Ofo Wheels Into Kazakhstan Just in Time for the Expo

(Yicai Global) June 12 -- Right before the June 9 start of the Astana World Expo in Kazakhstan, ofo announced its official entry into the country's market after several rounds of talks with relevant Kazakh government departments. 

Thus far, Beijing-based ofo bike-sharing company has made incursions into four overseas markets before infiltrating Kazakhstan.

They are Singapore, and Cambridge, England, and Silicon Valley, California, New York City, New York and Harvard University campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the US.

The company will deploy 1,000 ofo bicycles for trial operation in Astana, the Kazakh capital, and further out the Russian-language version of the firm's APP, as an ofo officer explained. The peak periods comprising short-distance trips for the Expo mean these velos will mainly serve such venues as the Expo Site, Expo Village, Expo Hotel and adjacent areas around major urban traffic hubs leading to the Expo during their pilot operation. Local users can enjoy free ofo services after downloading the corresponding APP and registering with their phones. Ofo is actively implementing its internationalization strategies, said its founder Dai Wei. On track with their projections, ofo will enter 20 countries and regions by year's end. Bike-sharing has grown exponentially in China since the start of this year, with active monthly ofo users steadily growing at a rough rate of 170 percent in February and March, data shows.

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