No Need to Worry About Profitability of AI Businesses, Baidu Chief Scientist Says
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No Need to Worry About Profitability of AI Businesses, Baidu Chief Scientist Says

(Yicai Global) Sept. 6 -- Artificial intelligence is going to redefine the way businesses operate, in the same way that electricity revolutionized industry 100 years ago. Thus there are plenty of ways for AI to make money, Dr. Andrew Ng, chief scientist at Chinese Internet giant Baidu Inc.'s AI research division Baidu Research, said.

Unmanned vehicles and automated operations in healthcare and finance are all examples of how AI is changing the nature of some enterprises, said Dr. Ng. AI will create many new jobs in the future.

"Applying AI in the development of new drugs, for example. I think it's a very good idea… high-precision insecticides will [also] have enormous potential on the agricultural market. What worries us is if there'll be enough people to develop these projects. We need to provide enough education opportunities to enable people to respond to future challenges," Dr. Ng told Yicai Global.

The value of AI currently lies in its deep learning ability, but there is also an inherent downside to the technology, which is that it takes massive data accumulation before the best results can be achieved, according to Dr. Ng.

A major breakthrough for AI technology might only happen after an alternative learning model has been discovered, Dr. Ng admitted. It is still not known how computers can evolve to a level where they can make various tools and have their own thoughts like humans, he said.

During the recent Baidu World Congress in Beijing, it became clear that Baidu is positioning itself as a provider of AI technology support to companies and developers. At the event Dr. Ng unveiled a keyboard that operates solely through voice input, and launched the Baidu Deep Learning and Baidu Brain platforms.

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