MOFCOM Hopes India Avoids Trade Remedy Measures in Photovoltaic Cell Anti-Dumping Probe
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MOFCOM Hopes India Avoids Trade Remedy Measures in Photovoltaic Cell Anti-Dumping Probe

(Yicai Global) July 25 -- China's Ministry of Commerce hopes India will take a cautious approach to anti-dumping investigations on photovoltaic cells and components imported from China and avoid the use of trade remedy measures, said Wang Hejun, director of MOFCOM's Trade Remedy and Investigation Bureau.

China is willing to strengthen communication and consultation with India in order to properly resolve trade-related problems and achieve outcomes beneficial to the common industrial development of both countries, he added.

India's Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced plans to conduct an anti-dumping probe on solar cells and components from mainland China, Taiwan and Malaysia on July 21. The Chinese government is highly concerned about India's recent investigations, Wang said.

India's photovoltaic market has developed rapidly in recent years, with generation capacity increasing 3.7 times over the past three years, driven by solar cells and components imported from China, he added.

He contends that trade restrictions on photovoltaic cells are not conducive to the development of India's photovoltaic industry and the realization of the country's renewable energy targets, as well as economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.

Solar is a strategic emerging industry for global sustainable development and is of great significance to the alleviation of climate change, the promotion of rural electrification and the elimination of poverty, Wang said.

He called on all states involved to work together to promote the healthy development of the industry, rather than abuse trade remedy measures and disrupt the normal trade order.

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