'Made in China' Mobile Games Shook South Korea's Top 20 List Last Year in Sign of Increasing Popularity
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'Made in China' Mobile Games Shook South Korea's Top 20 List Last Year in Sign of Increasing Popularity

(Yicai Global) June 11 -- Chinese mobile games are leading the South Korean market as more than two thirds of the top 20 most popular games in the country last year had "made in China" tag on them.

As many as 136 Chinese mobile games were released on Google Play in South Korea last year, corresponding to a year-on-year increase of 19 percent. The sales of the games which ranked among the top 20 totaled KRW196.5 billion (USD183 million), up 74 percent annually, China's Central Television CCTV reported today, citing data released by a market intelligence company.

Chinese mobile games have made important strides in quality with outstanding artistic rendering and plot design over the past two years. Before their release in the Korean market, game makers adapt them to the local conditions by integrating the roles and music familiar to Korean users and adjusting the payment methods. Therefore, they have become a major money-making business for Korean game companies.

As of April, the Korean government licensed 111 Chinese online games this year, granting Chinese game developers a combined KW200 billion (USD184 million) of revenue, up KW80 billion year-on-year, a white paper indicated, while not a single of China's 412 authorized foreign online games was developed by a South Korean gaming company.

Last year, the total revenue of the Chinese mobile game market was USD14.6 billion. China's e-sports sector was worth more than CNY65 billion (USD10 billion) last year driven by a surge in mobile gaming.

Revenue from mobile e-sports raked in almost half of the total revenue, rivaling the combined income from computer and console gaming, China Securities reported, citing data released last month at China Cyber Games Summit.

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