Key Apple Screen Supplier to Boost OLED Operations With Chinese Investors
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Key Apple Screen Supplier to Boost OLED Operations With Chinese Investors
(Yicai Global) April 8 -- Japan Dplay, a joint venture between Sony,  Toshiba, and Hitachi, looking for Chinese investment to bring  much-needed stimulus for its under-performing organic light-emitting  diode production/n/n/n/n/nThe Tokyo-based Apple dplay provider will confirm details of a USD1  billion investment deal th week, according to a statement, with  China's Silk Road Fund participating in the deal. Around three-quarters  of the financing comes from external parties with the remainder  compring government refinancing. 

China's State Admintration of Foreign Exchanges makes up 65 percent of the  Silk Road Fund, with China Investment Corporation and the Export-Import  Bank of China each holding 15 percent stakes. China Development Bank  constitutes the remaining 5 percent.

JDI a key supplier for Apple, the California-based electronics giant  bought over one-third of its dplays from the company last year.  However, the JV only provides liquid crystal dplays at present and it  has run into operational difficulties as Apple transitions to OLED  technology, according to Chen Jun, vice general manager at Beijing-based  Sigmaintell Consulting.

The Silk Road Fund investment will strengthen the partnership between China  and Japan's dplay sectors and boost its presence globally, Chen said,  adding that JDI actively positioning itself as a flexible OLED  technology provider. It will also accelerate investment in OLED  operations in China's mainland and aims to stabilize the Apple partnership.

Set up in 2012, the JV has posted losses for fourth straight years,  including JPY10.6 billion (USD94.9 million) for the first three quarters  last year after Apple cut its purchase orders for LCD screens and  expanded its use of OLEDs. Competition among dplay makers in China has  become increasingly fierce over recent years.

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