Joyware Bags Sole China Rights to Nuralogix's Emotion-Detecting AI Tech
Tang Shihua
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Joyware Bags Sole China Rights to Nuralogix's Emotion-Detecting AI Tech

(Yicai Global) Nov. 5 -- Joyware Electronics has obtained an exclusive license to develop and sell products made by Canada's Nuralogix that can detect human emotions using artificial intelligence.

The Hangzhou-based firm has sole Chinese mainland rights to Nuralogix's contactless cameras, polygraphs and other psychological data detecting equipment after signing an agreement with one of its subsidiaries, Joyware said in a statement yesterday. The products use Nuralogix's DeepAffex technology for transdermal optical imaging and emotional AI.

Nuralogix developed the world's first TOI system, which captures videos using special cameras to extract and analyze changes in facial blood flow. Its cloud-based DeepAffex engine can combine this data with machine learning to make psychoanalytic devices, according to Joyware.

The two firms have been working together since October 2018, when they agreed to develop emotional analysis systems for public security by monitoring heart rates, psychological stress, blood pressure and breathing.

Joyware did not disclose financial details, merely explaining that Nuralogix will not license the technologies to any other companies in China for 12 months.

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