Jinggong Science & Technology Unit Graphitizes Carbon Fiber With Microwaves
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Jinggong Science & Technology Unit Graphitizes Carbon Fiber With Microwaves

(Yicai Global) August 1 -- A subsidiary of Zhejiang Jinggong Science &Technology unveiled its new carbon fiber product which has much higher performance than its predecessors after recent testing of its microwave carbon fiber graphitization process.

A joint venture between Jinggong Science & Technology and the UHT Carbon Fiber unit of Taiwan's UHT Unitech formed in January, with the two holding 60 and 40 percent stakes, respectively, researches, develops and produces microwave graphitization technologies and equipment for carbon fiber, including that used in the trials. Jinggong Science & Technology researched and developed the process, which uses a one-meter wide production line. 

Mass full-load testing showed conventional carbon filament improving 10 to 15 percent in strength via this treatment, the special equipment developer headquartered in China's eastern Zhejiang province said yesterday.

All technical specifications of the final product meet design requirements, per the test results. The company thus achieved a breakthrough and filled a technical gap in China, which is trying to boost industrialization of its home-grown carbon fiber production equipment.

This novel technology sets a basis for making all sorts of different and customized carbon fiber products with varying specifications for aerospace, construction, fuel cells and other areas.

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