JD.Com Pursues Archrival Alibaba Into Virtual Reality Domain
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JD.Com Pursues Archrival Alibaba Into Virtual Reality Domain

(Yicai Global) Sept. 7 -- Major Chinese online retailer JD.Com Inc. [NASDAQ:JD] is pursuing archrival Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd. into the field of virtual reality with the launch of the global e-commerce industry's first VR/AR Industry Promotion Alliance.

The alliance forms part of JD.Com's VR/AR strategy, which it unveiled at a press conference yesterday. Chief Technology Office Zhang Chen said the overall VR and AR (augmented reality) layout will be completed by 2017. To achieve that goal, the Beijing-based company will position VR as one of its core research and development technologies.

The VR/AR Industry Promotion Alliance has been joined by more than 30 upstream and downstream VR/AR enterprises including Intel Corp., HTC Corp., Nvidia Corp. and Beijing Baofeng Mojing Technology Co., covering the entire VR/AR ecosystem. It offers all-round support for VR/AR enterprises by integrating industry resources through branding, marketing, operations, finance and other means.

In light of JD.Com's VR/AR strategic planning, the first step is to build a VR/AR industry alliance. Second, it will play a leading role in VR/AR technology development and set norms and standards for modeling to offer a set of unified tools. JD.Com will provide technical support to help users make unified e-commerce apps and create VR/AR content, thus cutting costs by a large margin. Third, a VR/AR e-commerce app and a VR/AR open platform will be created.

Because VR can remedy e-commerce's lack on-site experience, domestic and overseas e-commerce giants such as Amazon.com Inc., eBay Inc. and Alibaba are all taking a deep dive into the technology.

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