Jack Ma Echoes President Xi's Davos Speech, a US-China Trade War Would Spell Disaster
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Jack Ma Echoes President Xi's Davos Speech, a US-China Trade War Would Spell Disaster

Yesterday, in Davos, Xi, delivered a strong defense of globalization. The president used his hour-long keynote speech to the WEF to take several sideswipes at the US President-elect, attacking Donald Trump's protectionist views without mentioning him by name. Xi's opinions evidently swayed the Chinese entrepreneurs' mind.

Ma met with Trump last Monday. He gave his commitment to the President-elect that Alibaba will help create one million new jobs. Employment is a key concern of the U.S. incoming administration. After the meeting, Alibaba's official page tweeted that it "wants to create US jobs by helping US small businesses and farmers sell to China's 300 million-strong middle class."

During the historic meeting at Trump Tower, neither Ma or Trump said anything about the coming trade war being predicted by many between the largest and the second-largest economies in the world. Today, Ma is taking Xi's side - defending globalization and arguing against protectionism.

Wang Jianlin, China's richest man, also said his Dalian Wanda Group Co., China's biggest commercial real estate company, plans to invest between USD5 billion to USD10 billion in overseas markets each year, with the US his top priority at Davos.

"Wang said his company would not be affected by the tension between the two sides because Trump would not block money going into the United States," Reuters reported after speaking with Wang on the sidelines of the WEF.

As Xi Jinping did yesterday, Wang Jianlin today voiced his concerns and sounded a warning over potentially increased U.S. government controls on Chinese investment during a debate.

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