GE Opens Its First Non-US Manufacturing and Technology Center in Tianjin
Ning Jiayan
/SOURCE : Yicai
GE Opens Its First Non-US Manufacturing and Technology Center in Tianjin

(Yicai Global) June 5 -- American multinational conglomerate General Electric Co. [NYSE:GE] officially opened the GE China Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Center (AMTC) in Tianjin, China recently. It is the first facility of its kind outside of the US.

"The AMTC's mission is to help GE build intelligent factories," said Steve Meszaros, vice president of supply chain, China for GE Global Growth Organization. "The AMTC located in Tianjin will support all regions and all business segments of GE."

GE has built several segment-specific advanced manufacturing centers in the United States. Tianjin's AMTC aims to aid all business sectors by addressing common issues that exist in several major departments.

"Our customers are constantly putting pressure on us to reduce costs and we are transferring this pressure to our suppliers," Meszaros said. "The goal of building the AMTC in Tianjin is to provide Chinese suppliers with useful tools to enhance their productivity and competitiveness."

The AMTC is the most important manifestation of GE's localization and digitization in China, said Rachel Duan, GE senior vice president and GE Greater China president and chief executive.

"The devices [used at the center] are actually available in the market, the software is independently developed by GE, the language of the program is generic, but the algorithm is the most important," said AMTC Director Huang Qunjian.

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