Fake Promos Form Biggest Gripe in China Consumer Group's E-Commerce Report
Ma Xiaohua
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Fake Promos Form Biggest Gripe in China Consumer Group's E-Commerce Report


(Yicai Global) Dec. 6 -- Consumer complaints against e-commerce platforms in China mainly center on false promotions, quality, after-sales service and data leaks, with the first the main grounds for complaint at 27.4 percent.

Grievances mushroom around consumption peaks such as November's Double 11 shopping festival, per the latest research report by the Beijing-based governmental organization China Consumers Association.

Online retailers cited for false promotions steeply raised prices before granting discounts, so actual prices were unfavorable. This practice has aroused great user dissatisfaction and elicited a spate of complaints, an e-commerce sector consumption report for this year the CCA released today shows.

Charges of shoddiness were 23.5 percent of the total. Quality has become a pressing concern to most e-consumers in China, who are in effect buying a pig in a poke. Many lament that the goods they receive differ from their virtual depictions.

The report also turned to the sharing economy. Beefs against this sector also rose sharply this year as many outfits were exposed for palming deposits after their collapse and other misdeeds.

Complaints of deposit non-refunds were 72 percent of all those logged for shared bicycles, while the rest related to bike breakdowns, opaque consumption terms, induced demand and other issues.

CCA also proposes legislation for privacy protection and provides legal and institutional guarantees for consumers' personal information security over and above its other watchdog functions.

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