Europe Adds 66 Types of Traditional Chinese Medicine to Approved Pharmacopoeia
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Europe Adds 66 Types of Traditional Chinese Medicine to Approved Pharmacopoeia

(Yicai Global) May 31 -- Some 66 types of traditional Chinese herbal medicines have been included in the European Pharmacopoeia, said Prof. Gerhard Franz, Chairman of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Working Party of the European Pharmacopeia. The goal is to include at least another 300 of the most commonly used medicines in the future.

The European Pharmacopoeia is the only guiding document on quality testing for European medicines. The organization established the Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission in 2008 to set up guidelines for the sale and use of loose and prepared formulas of Chinese herbal medicines throughout Europe.

Already 66 types of Chinese herbal medicines, such as ginseng and dried orange peel, are included in the European Pharmacopoeia, accounting for more than a third of the 184 herbal medicines in the listings. Mr. Franz explained that every type of Chinese herbal medicine that is included on the European Pharmacopoeia must undergo strict testing. If just one of the 37 member nations of the European Pharmacopoeia raises concerns about a medicinal herb, it will not be listed.

China traded traditional Chinese medicine with 175 countries and regions last year, with exports growing 4.95 percent from a year earlier to USD3.77 billion, according to data from the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products. Asia is the top destination for exports of traditional Chinese medicines, and the US is among the top three largest markets.

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