Elderly Migratory Population of China Is Close to 18 Million
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Elderly Migratory Population of China Is Close to 18 Million

(Yicai Global) Oct. 21 – China has a migrant population of 247 million and the number of elderly is increasing and is close to 18 million, according to public data.

The number of migrant families with elderly relatives also increased.

The total of the elderly population who moved to a different province or city was close to 18 million last year, accounting for 7.2% of migrant population. The median age for elderly migration was 64, and approximately 80% of them were under the age of 70.

The three major reasons why elderly people decide to uproot themselves late in life include taking care of the younger generation, pension issues and employment, China's national health and family planning commission said.

"The flow of population in China has entered into a stage typified by family migration." Mr. Wang Qian, director general of the migrant population management service said.

"The increase of the migrant family population is partly due to lacking familial affection. Migration also places new demands on the public services in places with a large migrant influx at the same time. It's necessary to raise awareness and investment in services for the elderly displaced population." a research fellow at Renmin University's school of sociology and population studies said.

In the next 5 to 15 years, southeast coastal provinces would be the main destination of a cross-provincial displaced population, and the proportion of migrant workers in the provinces of central and western regions would also increase, the commission predicts.

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