Didi Chuxing Plans Overseas Expansion in 2017, CTO Says
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Didi Chuxing Plans Overseas Expansion in 2017, CTO Says

(Yicai Global) Dec. 7 -- Fresh from its merger with Uber China, China's ride-hailing leader Didi Chuxing plans to expand overseas next year bringing it back into direct competition with arch-rival Uber Technologies Inc.

The markets Didi will move into are "still a secret," Zhang was quoted as saying by Sina Technology.

Didi and Uber, two car-hailing giants that were locked in a battle for market share in China that cost them billions, decided to bury the hatchet in August, with Uber agreeing to Didi acquiring its assets in the country. At that time, Beijing-based Didi said it would also expand into overseas market including Japan, Korea, Russia and Europe.

Zhang said the company processes a huge number of online orders and journeys. More than 30,000 orders are received from users every minute during peak hours. And each driver sends location and speed data to the platform every three seconds. Like Uber, Didi is using machine learning to track trip information and vehicle locations, with the aim of optimizing route planning, he said.

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