Courage Comes From Binding Faith, Huawei's Detained Meng Writes in Diary
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Courage Comes From Binding Faith, Huawei's Detained Meng Writes in Diary

(Yicai Global) Dec. 21 -- Chinese telecoms giant Huawei Technologies has published an emotion-charged diary of its Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou who was seized at the behest of US authorities in Canada early this month. 

"Only in face of danger, did I realize that I have always lived in the care and love of so many strangers," Meng said in an entry dated on Dec. 19. "My lawyer told me many strangers had called to offer to bail me out." 

I could not help but weep upon hearing the comments. I was not crying for my suffering, but feeling touched because so many strangers were willing to trust in me."

Meng, the daughter of Chinese telecoms giant's founder Ren Zhengfei, was arrested while changing flights in Vancouver on Dec. 1 due to suspicion of breaching US sanctions against selling goods to Iran. 

In the diary, Meng reminisced about her two-week visit to post-earthquake Japan in 2011. She went to meet with Huawei's local staff to discuss reconstruction after a magnitude-9.0 quake had ruptured hundreds of kilometers of the northeastern coast on March 11.  

"Courage comes not from fearlessness, but out of binding faith," Meng said during her speech at Tsinghua University in September 2016. She reiterated the words in her diary. Other telecom equipment suppliers chose to withdraw from Japan but Huawei stayed, she said, adding that only two people were on the same flight to Japan. 

Huawei's team wore protective clothes to make its way to Fukushima and repair telecom equipment while implementing the Shenzhen-based company's first emergency plan, which was used again for rebuilding operations in quake-hit Nepal in 2015. "We met with various obstacles during reconstruction efforts, but we also accumulated valuable experience in the process," Meng said in the speech and her diary.

"I seldom mentioned my experience in Japan, for it is nothing to be proud of -- it's my duty," Meng said. "Good deeds are always rewarded.""I take solace from my belief that the heaven always knows all our endeavors, and never ignores them," she concluded.

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