CNTA Urges Tour Operators to Cut Ties With Japan's APA Group
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CNTA Urges Tour Operators to Cut Ties With Japan's APA Group

(Yicai Global) Jan. 24 -- The China National Tourism Administration has demanded today that all operators with international tours and online platforms stop cooperating with Japan-based APA Group after discovering that right-wing books are placed in the hotel chain's guest rooms.

The request advises such companies should stop using APA's hotels to accommodate tourists and remove all tour products and adverts mentioning the hotels.

The administration is calling on the many Chinese tourists that visit Japan to avoid spending money at APA hotels, the People's Daily reported citing Zhang Lizhong, the tourism board's spokesperson.

After the incident, the board's Japan office immediately made representations to the company and demanded that the hotels withdrew the books, Zhang said.

The APA Group is a leading hotel chain operator in Japan. Tourists recently found right-wing books written by the group's CEO Toshio Motoya in guest rooms. The books deny the Nanjing Massacre and the existence of South Korean 'comfort women,' and claim that "the alleged crimes committed by Japan are lies fabricated to justify the dropping of atomic bombs by the US."

The group refused to remove the books in view of freedom of speech, despite protests from Korea and China.

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