Chinese Stocks Sop Up Bad Vibes From US-EU Tariff Row
Tang Shihua
/SOURCE : yicai

(Yicai Global) April 10 --  China's mainland stock markets began the day lower, absorbing  overhanging sell-off sentiments from Europe and the US, caused by  escalating trade tensions articulated by tweets shot from the Oval  Office. 

The Shanghai Composite  Index opened 0.46 percent lower to 3,224.65 points. The Shenzhen Component Index  declined 0.32 percent to 10,403.24 points. The ChiNext Index, which  tracks growth enterprises in Shenzhen, fell 0.76 percent to 1,727.97  points.

The US and European  markets took a hit yesterday, as US President Donald Trump threatened to  impose tariffs on USD11 billion worth of products made in the European  Union, according to his tweet. The long-standing row stems from mutual  claims of illegal subsidies that Netherlands-headquartered Airbus and  Chicago-based Boeing receive.

Major Asia Pacific markets were also down this morning, partly affected by the glooming tariff debate. 

Editor: Emmi Laine 

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