Chinese Scientists Develop First African Swine Fever Vaccine Candidate
Dou Shicong
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Chinese Scientists Develop First African Swine Fever Vaccine Candidate

(Yicai Global) May 24 -- Chinese scientists' research to develop a vaccine for the African Swine Fever epidemic has made some progress. 

Researchers have developed the first vaccine candidate and will speed up clinical trials and serum production, China Central Television reported today.

A candidate vaccine virus is one that inoculant manufacturers can use to produce an inoculant.

The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences successfully isolated the first strain of the virus, developed a vaccine candidate based on the isolated strain, and verified two candidates' good biosafety and immune protection effects in the laboratory. The scientists will complete the study on the immune system, diagnostic testing and disinfection technology, and make it available to the sector as soon as possible.

The epidemic, which hit China in August 2018, had 129 outbreaks in the country as of April 22 this year in 31 provinces and cities. China has culled over 1 million pigs to control the pestilence, so the situation is grim, China's Ministry of Agriculture previously said in a report.

The disease was first discovered in Kenya in 1921. The world has no effective inoculation against it at present, and it can only be prevented and controlled by high temperatures and disinfectant.

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