China Will Pass a Raft of New Health-Food Standards
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China Will Pass a Raft of New Health-Food Standards

(Yicai Global) March 16 -- China's health-food sector, long plagued by fraud, is about to get more laws and regulations, a department head at China's food and drug regulator told Yicai Global.

Relevant drafts distributed to solicit public comment will soon see their official release, he added.

He noted that 'health-food chaos' comes both from food itself, as well as its associated problems, such as hype, pyramid schemes, counterfeits and banned additives from underground workshops.

He admitted that food safety fraud is still rife, and necessitates expedited passage of rules and regulations to combat dangerous health-food fraud.

Seniors suffer generally inferior health, but are relatively affluent, and offenders take advantage of these factors to sell costly health-care products to the aged as cure-alls, but these products often have quality problems and, rather than boosting health, may impair it.

Incomplete figures show over 2,600 Chinese health-food producers in 2015, with more than 6 million employees and output of nearly USD58 billion (CNY400 billion).

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