China Uses Rocket Technology to Develop Isolation Bearings That Can Offset 80% of Seismic Energy
Liao Shumin
/SOURCE : Yicai
China Uses Rocket Technology to Develop Isolation Bearings That Can Offset 80% of Seismic Energy

(Yicai Global) Sept. 22 -- China suffers occasional earthquakes, with some destructive ones caused heavy casualties. Accurate prediction of earthquakes remains a problem worldwide. But technical staff of No.41 of the fourth Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation developed this seismic isolation bearing using rocket engine technology, which can effectively reduce the loss of life and property caused by the earthquakes, Science and Technology Daily reported today

At the bottom of new teaching buildings at Luobin campus, 30 isolation bearings were installed under each which can offest about 80% of seismic activity. Traditional seismic technology uses reinforced concrete to have superstructure and the foundation is firmly bonded together. But the worst seismic wave is transverse wave, says You Junfeng, chief expert of solid rocket engine at No.41 research institute. When the ground swings laterally, the building may collapse in a matter of seconds.

The isolation bearing is made of 35 pieces of 3mm-thick rubber and 35 special steel plates alternately folded and bonded. The elasticity of this kind of rubber is 600 percent and the material meets the requirements of aerospace grade rubber. The No.41 research institute has, therefore, applied its solid rocket engine nozzle flexible swing technology in the bearings.

The working principle of the isolation bearing is very close to that of the rocket flexible nozzle. Not only does it have enough supporting force to bear the structure above it, but also has enough elasticity and tensile strength to ensure that it will not get ruptured, You said.

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