China Urges Canada to Relax Limits on High-Tech Exports to Promote Bilateral Trade
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China Urges Canada to Relax Limits on High-Tech Exports to Promote Bilateral Trade

(Yicai Global) April 19 -- Chinese Premier Li Keqiang urged his Canadian counterpart, Justin Trudeau, to relax control on high-tech exports to China, and said he hopes to see more cooperation between the pair in clean energy development, reported.

China is prepared to work with Canada to increase bilateral trade and investment, respond to climate change and create new growth drivers in clean energy and other emerging industries, Li said in a phone conversation with Trudeau yesterday.

He believes eased restrictions on high-tech exports to China will facilitate balanced trade growth and improve the quality of cooperation between the two countries.

Exchange visits and the inaugural 'annual dialogue' between the politicians, which was introduced last year, have taken bilateral ties between the two nations to a new level, Li said. Decisions made at meetings between the pair, including the China-Canada economic and financial strategy forum and the second-round of exploratory discussions on a China-Canada free trade area have already been implemented.

As important economies in the Asia-Pacific region, China and Canada have improved communication between high-level officials and expanded cooperation. The extra effort has helped to promote regional stability, free trade and a peaceful global environment.

Trudeau said he would develop foreign trade with China to reduce his country's reliance on exports to America, which is particularly important given US President Donald Trump's lean toward protectionism.

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