China Rolls Out New Policies to Boost NEV, 5G Product Buying
Xu Wei
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China Rolls Out New Policies to Boost NEV, 5G Product Buying

(Yicai Global) June 6 -- China's government has released new policies to spur consumption and promote the development of new energy vehicles and fifth-generation mobile network products while stressing the importance of boosting waste recycling networks.

The new policies, jointly unveiled by the country's three key government departments including the National Development and Reform Commission, require the car sector to accelerate the development and industrialization of new-generation vehicle batteries, while bringing down the cost of NEVs, according to a statement on the NDRC website today.

The policies also ban local governments from introducing new car-purchasing restrictions and called on those with stringent limits on purchases to make changes according to pollution control and traffic demand.

The document also asks local governments to avoid imposing driving and buying restrictions on NEVs, and existing barriers should be removed. It encourages local governments to support car-free families looking to buy their first NEV, preferential parking fees for NEVs and pilot zero-emission zones.

China granted 5G licenses to the country's major telecom operators today, giving the go-ahead for full commercial deployment of the next-generation cellular network technology.

The NDRC will accelerate the commercial application of 5G handsets and strive to guarantee the supply of new products, while strengthening the integration of new-generation information technologies such as artificial intelligence, biological information, new displays and virtual reality on mobile phones, as well as support terminal manufacturers and content service providers to create 8K resolution content and conduct 5G+8K transmission tests.

The policies encourage the development of integrated home appliances and products based on Internet of Things and AI, focusing on breakthroughs in organic light-emitting diode and laser projection displays, gradually realizing mass production of ultra-high-definition and flexible panels and new backplanes. They will also speed up the industrialization of UHD video key system equipment.

They encourage smart home enterprises to strengthen cooperation with real estate and home improvement companies and carry out pilot applications of smart home projects.

They also call for better utilization of waste and will lead to strengthened supervision on the dismantling of waste cars, home appliances and consumer electronics products. They will also lead to the formulation of management methods for the recycling of used circuit boards and polyurethane materials, the introduction of documents for the remanufacturing of auto parts, and qualification clarification for remanufacturing firms.

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