China's Robotics Industry has Enormous Potential, Industry Experts and Academics Say
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China's Robotics Industry has Enormous Potential, Industry Experts and Academics Say

(Yicai Global) Oct. 24 -- At this year's World Robot Conference in Beijing, an event that attracts 300 top industry experts from over 11 countries, China's robotics industry became a focus. Not only has it gained momentum with tremendous market potential it has also made several key technological advances.

"China is the world's largest industrial robot market for the third consecutive year." said Mr. Qu Guochun, vice director of the industrial and robotic equipment department of the industry and information technology ministry. In terms of the ratio of robots to population density, China is second only to South Korea.

"Three key achievements have been made in China's major research projects into robotics. These include industrial processing, rehabilitation and neurosurgery by robots and advances in their operating systems." said Mr. Ding Han, academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and dean of Huazhong University's science and technology school of mechanical science and engineering at the conference.

"The number of industrial robots currently in use totaled 1.6 million worldwide by the end of 2015 with Asia remaining the largest market. As China's market grows at 17 percent, an average of 49 industrial robots are used by every 10,000 people, thus embracing enormous market potential", Mr. Vitaly Nedelskiy, president of the Russian association of robotics said at the conference's main forum.

"South Korea marks the highest density in terms of industrial robot use with 69 for every 10,000 people. Given the difference in population size between China and South Korea, the density of industrial robot use in China has vast room for growth. It is projected that the global industrial robot market will grow at approximately 13 percent on average over the next few years." Mr. Nedelskiy said.

"The most growth will be seen in major fields of Industry 4.0, more cooperation between humans and robots, mobile robots and mobile production, ultra-light weight robots, and robots integrating sensor and visual image." he predicted.

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