China Raises Dairy Standards to Restore Consumer Confidence
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China Raises Dairy Standards to Restore Consumer Confidence

(CBN - Global) April 28 -- The Chinese government is attempting to restore Chinese consumers' confidence in domestically produced dairy products by implementing standards as high as those in Europe and the United States.

China is likely to introduce new production standards for the dairy sector by the end of this year, under which the requirements on indicators such as colony-forming units will be substantially improved. Such standards will be consistent with Europe's and even higher than the US's in some areas.

The upcoming new rules have been welcomed by some dairy companies. "We welcome dairy companies that impose high standards on themselves, and we hope that unqualified suppliers will be weeded out after barriers to entry are raised as a result of higher national standards," Mr. Sun Yiping, president of China Mengniu Dairy Company Ltd. [HKG:2319], told CBN.

China has seen the largest number of dairy scandals in the world. The scandal of milk powder contaminated with the toxic industrial chemical melamine in 2008-2009 led to life imprisonment of the general manager of a dairy company and the closure of a number of factories. However, this could not win back the dwindling confidence of Chinese consumers.

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