China Mobile, CICT Open Country's First Smart 5G Production Line
Zhou Fang
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China Mobile, CICT Open Country's First Smart 5G Production Line

(Yicai Global) April 10 -- China Information Communication Technology has opened China's first 5G-based smart production line in tandem with the Hubei arm of China Mobile, one of the nation's three state-backed telecoms operators.

The facility, based in Wuhan, Hubei's provincial capital, can improve efficiency by more than 30 percent, CICT told Yicai Global today. It uses robotic arms to weld and assemble communications antennae, and transmits its operating status in real time through fifth-generation networks, allowing for full control via the cloud without human intervention.

Similar 5G industrial internet technologies can be used in to build systems for production management centers, track deliveries and monitor high-definition surveillance, the firm added.

Wuhan was one of China's first cities to start trialing 5G networks, and had already build 144 outdoor base stations for testing as of the end of last year. It plans to have another 2,000 up and running this year, with CNY1 billion (USD149 million) in support from China Mobile.

The two firms also opened their joint 5G industrial internet lab today, which is dedicated to using data-based technology to connect design, production and sales departments to improve efficiency at small- and medium-sized firms in traditional industries.

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