China International Travel Service Announces Boycott Against APA Hotels
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China International Travel Service Announces Boycott Against APA Hotels

(Yicai Global) Jan. 26 -- The head office of China International Travel Service Limited (CITS) has started a boycott against APA Hotel, after discovering that right-wing books were placed in the Japanese chain's guest rooms.

CITS' e-commerce site, "CITS Online" (, removed all APA Hotel products immediately after the incident was exposed, and decided to reject all APA Hotel reservations from customers, the Beijing-based tour operator said on its Weibo yesterday.

The CITS head office and all of its local branches and subsidiaries across China carried out thorough checks to end all cooperation with the hospitalities company, declaring that none of its hotels may be booked for tourists, and all APA travel products and publicity materials will be removed.

APA Group is a leading hotel chain operator in Japan. Visitors recently found right-wing books written by the group's CEO Toshio Motoya in guest rooms. The books deny the Nanjing Massacre and the existence of South Korean 'comfort women,' and claim that "the alleged crimes committed by Japan are lies fabricated to justify the dropping of atomic bombs by the US."

The group refused to remove the books in view of freedom of speech, despite protests from South Korea and China.

APA Hotel acted wrongfully in ways that constituted a flagrant provocation of Chinese tourists, CITS said at a press conference two days ago. The travel service said it was firmly opposed to APA's grave breach of basic industry ethics. The Chinese National Tourism Administration has called on all outbound travel agencies and tourism e-commerce sites to end all cooperation with APA Hotel.

CITS strongly supports the CNTA's decision, and appeals to all Japanese-bound Chinese to boycott the lodging company, in line with the CNTA's requirements.

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