China and Russia Announce Joint Communique; China Welcomes Russian Yuan Bond Issue
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China and Russia Announce Joint Communique; China Welcomes Russian Yuan Bond Issue

(Yicai Global) Nov. 8 -- The joint communique on the 21st regular meeting between Chinese and Russian prime ministers released by Xinhua News Agency states the two countries have decided to further develop the regular meeting mechanism between their prime ministers and deepen and expand the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries.

China and Russia will continue to consolidate and develop the strategic partnership in the energy sector. They will promote practical cooperation between the two countries in biotechnology, information technology, software development, aerospace technology, satellite navigation and 'green technology.' Both countries will also encourage the use of local currencies in bilateral trade and investment transactions. Moreover, China welcomes Russia CNY bonds to be issued on the Russian market, per the communique.

Both countries are satisfied with aerospace cooperation carried out thus far between them and will further extend long-term mutually-beneficial cooperation in aerospace technology, including large-scale collaboration in such areas as carrier rockets and engines, aerospace electronic components, earth observation devices, satellite navigation and moon and deep space exploration, in line with the interests of Chinese and Russian high-tech industries and technological development.

Through consultation, the two nations have decided that the 22nd regular meeting between their prime ministers will be held in China in 2017, with the exact date to be determined via diplomatic channels.

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