CAAC Taps Star UAV to Draft National Drone Safety Standards
Tang Shihua
/SOURCE : Yicai
CAAC Taps Star UAV to Draft National Drone Safety Standards

(Yicai Global) June 13 -- China's aviation authorities have selected drone maker Star UAV System to help with testing in order to formulate national safety standards for unmanned aerial vehicles. 

Star UAV will explain the technical standards and submit them to the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the Chengdu province-based drone maker said in a statement. The choice may have been inspired by the firm's AT200, a large-scale cargo UAV, which has been undergoing a pilot project of safety certification that will last until the end of next year.

The AT200 is 11.8 meters in length and has a 10-cubic-meter freight space able to carry 1.5 tons of cargo. The drone can fly at a maximum speed of 313 kilometers per hour and has an endurance of eight hours covering the range of more than 2,100 kilometers. Able to fly at night, the unmanned aircraft can provide freight services in remote and mountainous areas in western China.

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