Beijing Ramps Up Supervision to Ensure Officials Are Effectively Combating Pollution
Xu Wei
/SOURCE : Yicai
Beijing Ramps Up Supervision to Ensure Officials Are Effectively Combating Pollution

(Yicai Global) Oct. 13 -- Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Supervision have unveiled an action plan to ramp up accountability of officials in the city to ensure its pollution remains under control, state-run China News Service reported today.

The plan aims to cut PM2.5 by at least 25 percent this autumn and winter compared with the same a year ago, and cut 'heavy pollution days' by more than 20 percent. PM2.5 is hazardous particle matter with a diameter of less than 2.5 microns,
The action plan proposes to enhance regulation and make officials more accountable for heavy-duty diesel vehicles, clean up and control at polluting firms, coal burning pollution, unauthorized industrial discharge, dust pollution and transportation. It also aims to ensure officials properly handle heavy air pollution emergencies.

The two municipal departments will include environmental governance work into their city- and district-level inspections in order to ensure anti-pollution measures are effectively implemented.

The authorities will also deepen governance of "dereliction of duty and misconduct by officials" to severely punish those not fulfilling orders or engaging in corruption. There will be serious consequences for those who cause serious damage to the country and public interest, the report said.

Beijing municipal government held a meeting last month to devise the plan. The government circulated a notice naming 14 districts and townships that do not effectively tackle air control, and will issue a similar list on a monthly basis to name and shame officials failing to combat pollution. Officials who are unable to hit the targets will be punished.

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