'Baidu Brain' Helps Increase Box Office Takings for Warcraft by 200 Percent, Says Robin Li
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'Baidu Brain' Helps Increase Box Office Takings for Warcraft by 200 Percent, Says Robin Li

(Yicai Global) Dec 21– Artificial Intelligence (AI) could substantially increase box office takings by identifying and targeting various types of potential moviegoers, said Robin Li (Li Yanhong), founder of China's internet giant Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co. [NASDAQ:BIDU]. 'Baidu Brain,' a powerful computer cluster designed to improve image, as well as other types of user recognition, helped the film Warcraft increase its box office takings by 200 percent, Li pointed out.

At a cultural industry summit held yesterday, Robin Li said that Baidu cooperated with Legendary Pictures this year, and utilized the 'Baidu Brain' to increase the box office takings for Warcraft.

He explained that artificial intelligence divides the audiences into three categories: first are the loyal fans of the game World of Warcraft, who would definitely see this film even without any publicity; second is the swaying audience which can be influenced; and third are those who will not see the film no matter how much you may try to persuade them.

Robin Li said that the swaying group is the real target of the publicity for the film. After cooperating with Baidu, the film producers carefully oriented their promotion campaign to reach out to and influence that group, and succeeded in increasing the box office takings by 200 percent, which was far beyond their expectation. Initially, they thought it would be satisfactory enough if they could increase it by only 10 percent or so.

Robin Li predicted that with the development of voice, image and speech recognition and user profile and other technologies, artificial intelligence will achieve much more.

The film Warcraft was co-produced by Legendary Pictures and Blizzard Entertainment and adapted from the computer game 'Warcraft: Orcs & Humans' produced by Blizzard Entertainment in 1994.

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