Apple's China Struggles Are Exaggerated, Morgan Stanley Says
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Apple's China Struggles Are Exaggerated, Morgan Stanley Says

(Yicai Global) Feb. 23 -- Apple Inc.'s [NASDAQ:AAPL] troubles in China are exaggerated, said a Morgan Stanley analyst despite the decline in the California-based company's market share and increasing popularity of domestic brands.

Katy Huberty, an analyst at the New York-based firm, recently wrote an optimistic report on the company's plight in China. "Apple will acquire users from China's domestic smartphone brands, one-fifth of whom will prefer the iPhone," Business Insider quoted her as saying. She believes that in the fall, a major renewal of Apple's smartphone will encourage users to update devices and could increase the firm's market share.

"As well as upgrading the current iPhone, we expect Apple to launch a more expensive product equipped with an AMOLED display screen," Huberty added. "The device will feature a curved appearance, longer battery life, wireless charging, a 3D sensor, and more advanced artificially intelligent functions. Although wealthy users in all regions upgrade quickly, our research shows that Chinese users react faster to new technologies and dimensions."

The report predicts a rise in Apple's shares from USD150 to USD154.

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