Alipay, Baidu Respond to CCTV Program Exposing Security Gaps in Facial Recognition Technology
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Alipay, Baidu Respond to CCTV Program Exposing Security Gaps in Facial Recognition Technology

(Yicai Global) March 16 -- Two companies with leading facial recognition software have separately issued statements reassuring consumers that their technology and services are safe after a China Central Television consumer rights protection program appeared to expose security gaps in an unspecified facial identification system.

Facial recognition login is only available to users who have successfully visited Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.'s [NYSE:BABA] Alipay on a mobile device using passwords, the leading Chinese payment service provider's official Weibo account said yesterday.

Facial recognition is just one of the many protections Alipay provides, it said. The company also monitors account security with artificial intelligence and risk control systems to ensure safety. Alipay promises full compensation for losses due to facial recognition login by persons other than the account holder using a photo.

Internet giant Baidu Inc. [NASDAQ:BIDU] issued an announcement to express confidence about its facial recognition technology. The Beijing-based group posted a video on its official WeChat account showing that neither a video made using a mobile device nor a photo can trick the face-checking mechanism, but a real person can quickly pass.

Baidu's technology can accurately distinguish between a live person and a picture, the company said. Even a high-definition video shot by a real person won't pass the check.

In the CCTV program, a host successfully logged in a facial recognition system using a viewer's selfie with the help of an on-site technician. The broadcaster did not specify which company's facial recognition system it duped.

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