AI Will Reduce Traffic Drama And Deaths On Chinese Roads
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AI Will Reduce Traffic Drama And Deaths On Chinese Roads

(Yicai Global) May 28 -- With over 700 people killed in road accidents in China daily, safer and more efficient modes of transport are essential. One of the biggest causes of road accidents is the increase in private-owned cars on the road, causing the country to battle with constructing highways and roads fast enough to decrease the number of traffic jams. The design of a superhighway in the Zhejiang Province will help to reduce traffic and congestion, but there are other exciting innovations that make use of artificial intelligence. These are expected to transform China's roads. 

Traffic Congestion Leads To Accidents 

There are daily traffic jams in China that are worse than the traffic congestion seen in Western cities. Beijing, for instance, is one of the cities with the worst traffic. A study conducted by map service Amap and the Ministry of Transportation found that people living in Beijing spend approximately 268 hours commuting every single year, which is approximately 1.3 hours daily. The combination of being on the road so much and the regular traffic congestion increases the risk of accidents. According to statistics released by the World Health Organization, traffic accidents in China claim approximately 260,000 lives annually in the mainland, with 60 percent being cyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians.

The Arrival Of AI-Operated Cars 

In the near future, people will be using cars that are operated by artificial intelligence. These will be autonomous, not requiring human drivers. As Huang Wei, head of the transportation planning and design department at Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng Urban Planning and Design Institute tells the World Economic Forum, "AI can provide a faster, stronger solution to the problem [of traffic] than the human brain. [It] can certainly play an important role in alleviating traffic jams." Without the risk of human error on the roads, accidents can be greatly reduced because traffic will flow better and logically. Without drivers making irresponsible choices, traffic can be better controlled. It will be connected by smart systems that ensure greater mobility and safety. This would also help to reduce car accident lawsuits and hefty costs for victims injured in accidents. 

Smart Cars For Smarter Driving  

Self-driving cars sound like something out of a sci-fi movie but the first driverless electric bus has already been produced by Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus and is undergoing trials. How this bus and other AI-operated vehicles will work is that they will receive information from the road itself as well as other cars. Data such as the distance between vehicles will be transmitted to the vehicles to help keep them safe, preventing accidents from happening. The use of Wi-Fi will alert cars to red lights and intersections. This will not only keep vehicles safe but also ensure greater fuel efficiency for cars.

Having AI cars on Chinese roads is an important solution to the traffic problem in the country. Not only will it help to reduce traffic congestion but also car accidents that shockingly claim the lives of over 21,000 people every single month.

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